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On the last Wednesday of every month. View details of all our meet-ups on our Meetup page.

Do you use Drupal or Symfony? Do you use Wordpress or Laravel? Whatever your flavour of PHP we'd love to meet you and share our knowledge. We gather once a month for a quiet drink in a local public house, to get to know each other. See you there!

We're always looking for speakers for future events. Do you have something to say? Would you like to tell us about your latest project? If you do, please ping us on twitter.

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at The Basement, Oxford.

Postgres for MySQL users [view Meetup event]
Presented by Liam Wiltshire (@l_wiltshire)

Postgres - a powerful DBMS with a big feature set, good performance, and is built stability. Yet in PHP, it's commonly overlooked for mySQL (and its forks) or NoSQL options.
If you’re a mySQL user, Postgres might seem strange - from the way you install and configure it to the way you interact with it and create schemas. Things are different.
Join Liam as he discusses reasons you might use Postgres, and looks at the differences between the two.
Liam is a UK based Senior PHP Developer & Business Manager at Tebex, creators of, the first e-commerce platform for Minecraft. In his nine years as a dev, he's tackled projects large and small, from multi-million pound eCommerce sites to the plumber down the road looking for 'mates' rates. These days Liam focuses on providing gCommerce platforms for multiplayer sandbox games, and in his spare time is trying to learn the secret to actually having some spare time.

Please sign up on so that we have a good idea of numbers.

Lightning talks
Got an idea you would like to talk about for 5-10 minutes? Let us know.

Afterwards we'll head to a local watering hole for a beer or two.

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Please note that all of our meet-ups are subject to our code of conduct. Please read before attending. PHPOxford is committed to ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all of our members and guests.

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